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Health Care On High Places??

Job has in recent months been re-reading his Old Testament. Lately this has been the historical books of Kings & Chronicles. Job has been struck time and again by the influence and persistence of idolatry found in these books. Any superficial reading will discover a variation of the following pattern being repeated time and time again: idolatry, warning, social decline/military defeat, repentance, removal of some idols, renewal, backsliding and back to idolatry. Often even after a time of national repentance and turning to the Lord, we are told that the idols on the high places remained. It seems that an extra degree of ruthless dedication was required to totally deal with the idolatry issue, and even then its influence would easily creep back as soon as a reforming king was followed by a wicked and godless successor. Continue reading


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A Pack of Dogs & A Herd of Swine

Here is a beauty. Job is unsure whether to cry with grief or boil with rage. He shall probably do both. Within the Gallery of Modern Art at Glasgow Museum a group comprising of the Metropolitan Community Church, Quest, Al Jannah Muslim Group and individuals from a range of faiths together with a couple of chaps by the names of Anthony Schrag and David Malone have put together an exhibition entitled ‘Made in God’s image’. Continue reading

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A Crack In The Clouds ??

How time flies eh? Job’s last post was on May 27th. Has he become lazy? Has he become disillusioned with blogging? Has he nothing to say. Nay, no nein, nac ydw. The truth of the matter is that the summer sun has been shining in Job’s little corner of the world, and Job, just like every other man and his blog have headed for the beach and the countryside to take advantage of and to celebrate the first appearance of the summer sun for approximately 3 years. No doubt, the sun may well be shining but it shall prove to be little more than a crack in the clouds. Continue reading

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