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A Small Black Cloud On The Horizon – Pt 2

As a small boy, Job was regularly sent to the local Sunday School. The church in question was of a small, independent evangelical flavour. There were no ‘charismatic gifts’. There were no ‘words from God’ and there was certainly no laughing or drunkenness ‘in the spirit’. There was however a very good series of bible classes, divided by age, all of which focused on teaching the basics of bible knowledge and understanding. There were no quirky doctrines, esoteric interpretations or whacky theologies in sight. The majority of the teaching was based on the many narratives within the Bible for children love ‘a good story’ – Adam & Eve, Noah, the Patriarchs, Moses & The Exodus, The Judges and The Monarchy and of course the narratives of the life of Christ. Job experienced approx 10 years of these bible classes, and is consequently of the belief that there is much to be said for such an uncomplicated teaching of scripture to children. Continue reading


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A Small Black Cloud On The Horizon

In the hot summer of 1984, historic York Minster was engulfed by flames causing massive devastation to large parts of the building  causing an estimated £1m damage. The fire was concentrated in the 13th Century South Transept and left its roof destroyed. Whilst the cause of the fire was initially unclear, explanations ranged from UFOs to divine retribution, North Yorkshire Fire Brigade’s report to the Home Office finally confirmed that lightning was the most likely cause. Continue reading

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Ekballo – Sent out or Cast Out??

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary defines the Greek compound verb ‘‘ as meaning ‘to cast, drive, expel, send or thrust out of’. The word is a composite of 2 Greek words, namely, the preposition ‘‘ meaning ‘of’ or ‘from’ and the verb ‘‘ meaning ‘cast, drive etc’. The verb ending here is presented in the first person singular. Nevertheless, once the various personal endings have been accounted for, the verb occurs 81 times in the Greek New Testament.

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