A Religion of Peace??

The Obamessiah spoke recently of a “moderate Taliban,” and reassured Muslims that the U.S. is not at war with their religion. Here in the UK, where freedom of speech has long since disappeared, we may no longer use the term ‘Islamic Terrorist’ as it is unhelpful and apparently stereotypes our Islamic buddies. After all, we are told, it could be fundamentalist nutters of any religious persuasion who decide to blow themselves and us to kingdom come. Now you may call Job cynical if you wish, but he really can’t remember the last time a Jew, Christian, Hindu, Jedi Knight etc last flew a couple of aeroplanes into a skyscraper. Be that as it may we now have a report that the Taliban unapologetically

‘… used a firing squad to kill a young couple in southern Afghanistan for trying to elope, shooting them with rifles in front of a crowd in a lawless, militant-controlled region, officials said Tuesday’.

Beautiful eh? Watch how little (if any) of the blame actually attaches itself to those who pulled the triggers. How about holding these people accountable for their actions? Sorry, Job forgot, we don’t do that anymore. No doubt the swivel eyed, dim witted, liberal leftie crowd will probably blame this on George W. Bush because he is from Texas which has the death penalty, or Tony Blair because presumably he should face the death penalty. You see, to simply assign responsibility to those to whom it squarely belongs would unmask the whole deception that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’. It isn’t by the way!!!

Perhaps the Archdruid of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, may ponder this incident before he next pontificates upon the inevitability of Sharia Law becoming an integral part of British life. Job has stated previously that he is firmly convinced that the Western democracies are now under the judgement of God – the Judeo/Christian God that is. The two instruments of this judgement are firstly militant secularism and secondly fundamentalist Islam. God will judge his church first via these enemies of the cross. He will also then bring judgement upon these enemies.

In 721 BC, God used the wicked Assyrians to bring judgment upon a backslidden Israel. In 587 BC, God used the wicked Babylonians to bring judgement upon a backslidden Judah. In each case God subsequently brought judgement upon these instruments of His judgement. May God have mercy upon us.


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